CSRC Heart Failure Think Tank Planning Committee Opportunities Available

The CSRC is currently recruiting planning committee members to help organize and prepare for the upcoming think tank, “Evaluation of Heart Failure as an Off-target Event in Development of Diabetes and other Non-cardiac Drugs.”

“The evaluation of heart failure, both at baseline and incident cases, in the context of drug development remains challenging. The CSRC will be holding a think tank to explore the current landscape of heart failure ascertainment (baseline, incident, severity, events, and therapy) within the context of drug development in order to inform strategies for evaluation of heart failure during clinical trials both in future trials and in the post marketing arena,” said Dr. Jonathan Seltzer, president of ACI Clinical.

“As advances in therapies for various cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular diseases are being pursued at unprecedented levels, and population age and risk factor burdens increase, the number of patients in clinical trials who are at risk for or who manifest heart failure also continues to rise. New therapeutic approaches, including those targeting non-cardiac diseases such as cancer and diabetes, often affect vasculature, myocytes, renal function, or neurohormonal systems, which may influence the development or progression of heart failure in this population.”

If you are interested in joining the planning committee for this event, please contact us at cardiacsafety@duke.dm.edu.