There are several membership opportunities within the CSRC that fall under two main categories: Associate Members and Full Members. The Membership Committee determines whether the member (individual, company, or organization) meets the criteria for full membership.

“I would encourage others to  become involved in the CSRC as one of the few forums where we can meaningfully interact with all drug-development stakeholders.”

Peter R. Kowey, MD, FACC, FAHA, FHRS, Professor Of Medicine And Clinical Pharmacology, Jefferson Medical College, and William Wikoff Smith Chair in Cardiovascular Research, Lankenau Heart Institute


CSRC’s flexibility allows you to explore topics of interest through think tank opportunities and projects, in addition to publishing your findings on cardiac safety through our White Paper Policy. As a member, you have access to information regarding drug and device development and the ECG database as well as collaboration with regulatory agencies and cardiac experts.

Individual contributors have the opportunity to join CSRC for free. Please contact us for additional information:

Associate Members

Benefits include:

  • Participation in larger CSRC forums (i.e., annual meetings)
  • Eligibility to lead a research proposal or publication effort in association with a full member

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide an in-kind donation of choice (e.g., technology, data, or expertise)

Restrictions include:

  • Ineligible to sit on a CSRC committee
  • Unable to lead a research proposal or publication effort independently

We encourage new memberships and are open to finding a way for any interested parties to get involved in the work of the consortium. If you are interested in joining the consortium and have any questions about how you can get involved, please contact us at

Full Members

Benefits include:

  • Eligibility for positions on various CSRC committees
  • Participation in CSRC meetings
  • Involvement on research teams

Responsibilities include:

  • Agree to participate in consortium activities
  • Provide an in-kind donation of choice (e.g., technology, data, or expertise):

For-profit organizations are invited to sponsor the consortium and obtain full membership status with a monetary contribution as follows

(Full Member)
(Full Member)
Large Companies
Market capitalization > $3 Billion
Or yearly Gross Sales > $1 Billion
$25,000 per year with a 3-year commitment $35,000 per year$10,000 per year
Medium Companies
Market capitalization of $250 Million – $3 Billion
Or yearly Gross Sales of $50 Million to $1 Billion
$10,000 per year with a 3-year commitment $15,000 per year $8,000 per year
Small Companies
Market capitalization < $250 Million
Or yearly revenue < $50 Million
$6,000 per year with a 3-year commitment $8,000 per year $4,000 per year
Start-up Companies
Market capitalization of $0 AND yearly gross sales of $0
 – $2,000

**Sustaining Members can pay fees annually.