CSRC offers members pre-competitive collaboration with cardiac safety professionals on vital research topics and projects. Working together, we have the opportunity to accomplish public health objectives that no single stakeholder could achieve on its own. 

Who are CSRC members?

CSRC is a multi-stakeholder consortium comprised of:

  • U.S. and international regulatory bodies
  • Pharmaceutical, biotech, medtech, and medical device companies
  • Scientific research associations
  • Medical professional organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Academic institutions
  • Individuals with a background and strong interest in cardiac safety as it relates to research, medicine and/or public health

CSRC member organizations are invited to designate representatives to participate in CSRC initiatives. Representatives should have extensive experience in cardiac safety and a deep interest in advancing cardiac safety research. People who participate in CSRC are typically motivated to collaborate professionally in a multi-stakeholder environment on current cardiac safety issues with the goal of positively impacting pressing public health issues.

What are the benefits of joining CSRC?

  • Interact directly with fellow CSRC members from the U.S. FDA and international regulatory bodies concerning areas related to drug and device development and cardiac safety
  • Enjoy preferred access to CSRC think tanks and multi-stakeholder panel discussions for real-time insight on emerging issues
  • Receive an exclusive invitation to the CSRC annual meeting where the latest developments in cardiology will be addressed by leading experts from the worlds of academia, industry, and government
  • Drive strategic direction of CSRC and scientific focus where it is most needed through corporate representation on Scientific Advisory Committees
  • Network with industry thought leaders and corporate influencers to advance cardiac safety initiatives
  • Collaborate, as part of multi-stakeholder therapeutic area committees, to address specific areas of cardiac safety, including but not limited to cardiogenic shock, cardio-oncology, heart failure, proarrhythmia, etc.
  • Create and participate in think tanks to influence development of best practices and advance regulatory science on emerging issues in cardiac safety
  • Contribute as authors on peer reviewed CSRC publications and white papers in areas of interest to the cardiology community
  • Leverage professional network of national and international experts to find answers to real-time questions, access interactive webinars, and elicit feedback on work projects
  • Access enduring publications and data warehouse of information on
  • Participate in the CSRC online Member Resource Network of speakers, researchers, and industry scientists
  • Represent CSRC at functions and in public forums/communications materials
  • Access to CSRC’s quarterly e-newsletter CSRC Connection

Contact us at to learn more about available membership options.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

What CSRC Members are Saying

“The most important thing the CSRC has accomplished is to set up a pathway that enables me to get input in a setting that is cognizant of, but not restricted by, conflicts of interest.”

Norman Stockbridge, MD, PhD, Director of the FDA Division of Cardiovascular and Renal Products (DCaRP)

“Our members did a great job developing partnerships and keeping lines of communication open for the greater good of providing safer drugs and devices to market sooner.”

Theressa Wright, MD, Senior Medical Director-GPS Early Phase Medical at Eli Lilly and Company

“Through future efforts and collaborations, I’d like to see the development of greater public awareness of the power of this type of multi-stakeholder, precompetitive collaboration to do things that no single stakeholder can do alone. I’d encourage anyone with an interest in advancing public health to join the CSRC—they are sure to find an opportunity to contribute.”

Mitchell W. Krucoff, MD, FACC, FAHA, Professor, Medicine/Cardiology at Duke University Medical Center and Director of the Cardiovascular Devices Unit and ECG Core Laboratory at the Duke Clinical Research Institute

CSRC Members

Founding Members