CSRC History

10 Year Anniversary

In 2016, CSRC celebrated its first decade of activity with the publication of two associated reports. Part I, the CSRC 10 Year Anniversary Vignette Book, consists of a series of personal perspectives from individual professionals who have participated in the CSRC’s growth and had an impact on our nation’s public health. Part II, the CSRC 10 Year Anniversary Book, includes the full publication and activities report of the programs, participants, and more than 30 peer reviewed publications of think tank/incubator white papers, scientific projects and clinical trial reports, and perspectives generated by the CSRC. Both publications are provided below for your reference.

Part I:  CSRC 10 Year Anniversary Vignette Book

Part II: CSRC 10 Year Anniversary Book

Five Year Report

Published in September 2011, this report summarizes the work of the CSRC during its first five years, with details regarding the origins of the organization, as well as information concerning think tanks between 2004-2011, publications, projects and the statement of principles for – the ECG Database Warehouse.