TransRadial Education And Therapy (TREAT) II

Agenda with Presentations from the Thinktank

TransRadial Education And Therapy (TREAT) II:
A Cardiac Safety Critical Path Thinktank
Monday, March 7, 2011
FDA Headquarters, White Oak, Maryland

7:30-8:00       Registration and Breakfast

8:00-8:15       Welcome & Introductions:  Norman Stockbridge, MD, PhD

                     Anatomy of a Thinktank/Incubator: Mitchell Krucoff, MD

8:15-9:15:  Session I:  Plenary Overviews:  Critical Path Collaborations, Drug-related Bleeding Safety, Transradial Catheterization & Women’s Health

9:15-11:30: Session II:  TREAT’s First Deliverable: The Study of Access Site for Enhancement of PCI (SAFE-PCI) for Women Protocol

11:30-12:00:  BREAK

12:00-13:30:  Working Lunch:  Operational Avenues for SAFE PCI for Women

13:30-15:00 Session III:  TREAT Beyond SAFE PCI for Women:  Educational Objectives, Learning Curves & Device Evolution 

15:00-15:30:  BREAK

15:30-16:30:  NCDR The Equipoise of Bleeding Safety and Maximal Efficacy for Anti-thrombotic Agents:  Do We Know What We Don’t Know If Arteriotomies Don’t Bleed?

16:30-17:00  Next Steps:  Open Discussion

  • Lead Discussant:  Sunil Rao, MD