CSRC Think Tank: Shock Academic Research Consortium (SHARC)

October 29, 2021

Think Tank Sessions:

Session I: Definition of CS for clinical trials and registries – What are entry criteria?

Session I Leaders: Ron Waksman, MD (MedStar Health), Sean Van Diepen, MD, MS (University of Alberta)

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Session II: Classifying populations to be studied in cardiogenic shock research

Session II Leaders: Patrick Lawler, MD, MPH (Toronto General Hospital), Dave Morrow, MD, MPH (Brigham and Women’s), Alexandre Mebazaa, MD, PhD (Lariboisière Hospital, Paris)

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Session III: Defining scenarios for “EFIC”

Session III Leaders: Catherine Wentz, MS (FDA), Neal Dickert, MD, PhD (Emory), Graham Nichol, MD, MPH (University of Washington)

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Session IV: Standardization of clinical outcomes for shock research

Session IV Leaders: Ernest Spitzer, MD (Cardialysis), Eddy Fan, MD, PhD (Toronto General Hospital), Alastair Proudfoot, MD, PhD (St. Barts Hospital)

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Session V: Classification of safety events for use in shock research

Session V Leaders: Bill O’Neill, MD (Henry Ford Health System), Mauro Moscucci, MD, MBA (FDA)

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