Agenda and Slide Day 2 (ICOS Annual Meeting)

Finding a consensus for practical clinical recommendationInternational CardiOncology Society Annual Meeting

Introduction to Day 2: Developing a Consensus: Carlo Cipolla, MD

Hypertension Associated with Newer Drug Development: The Impact of Anti-angiogenic and Other Therapies

Moderators:Thomas Force, MD / Bonnie Ky, MD

  • Prevalence, Scientific Approach and Mechanistic Understanding Igor Puzanov, MD
  • Management Approaches and Prophylactic Pharmacologic Strategies During Clinical Development and Everyday Use William White, MD
  • Do oncologists need any assist from cardiology? Scot Remick, MD
  • How should BP and cardiac status be monitored during oncology treatment when there is a known risk of acute hypertension?: Javed Moslehi, MD


Detection of Heart Failure and Myocardial Toxicity
: Boaz Mendzelevski, MD & Lori Minasian, MD

  • What Impact does Heart Failure and Myocardial Toxicity have on Breast Cancer Treatment Choices?  Carol Fabian, MD
  • Newer Echo-based Technology for Cardiac Imaging During Drug Development Pamela Douglas, MD
  • Is MRI or Alternative Imaging Going to Improve Outcomes?  Greg Hundley, MD
  • Is a Cardiac Biomarker Strategy to Detect Myocardial Toxicity Superior or Synergistic with Imaging? Daniela Cardinale, MD, PhD
  • What is the Evidence for the Best Treatment of Myocardial Toxicity?  Anju Nohria, MD


Review of Consensus Recommendations (I): Heart Failure, Cardiotoxicity, and Hypertension
Giuseppe Curigliano, MD & Wamique Yusuf, MD


Striking a Balance between Bleeding and the Risk of Thrombosis in Cancer Patients
Joseph Carver, MD & Michael Fisch, MD

  • What is the Prevalence and How do we Best Manage the Risk of Thrombosis during Chemotherapy in Cancer Patients?Fabio Ciceri, MD
  • Thrombosis of Drug Eluting Stents in Cancer Patients and Management of Anti-platelet TherapyMitchell Krucoff, MD
  • With Hematologic Malignancies – Is there a Cardiac Concern with Proteasome Inhibitors?:Frank Cornell, MD
  • Are Guidelines for Anticoagulation Useful in Cancer Patients?Sebastian Schmit, MD, PhD


Enhancing Cooperation between Disciplines in a Practical Manner
Moderators: Greg
 Armstrong, MD; Sandy Constine, MD; and Eric Harrison, MD

  • Can Oncology Clinical Trials Record Cardiac Events Reliably?Monkia Leja, MD
  • How do Oncologists and Cardiologists Integrate Care?Susan Dent, MD Carrie Lenneman, MD
  • Survivorship Recommendations: What Help Can Cardiology Provide?Kevin Oeffinger, MD
  • Should We Develop a Curriculum for Cardio-oncology?Richard Steingart, MD


Review of Consensus Recommendation (II): Thrombosis, Cardiac Event Documentation, and SurvivorshipJoanna Brell, MD & Daniel Lenihan, MD