9/23-24/2010: CSRC Co-Sponsors DIA Workshop

Cardiovascular Safety and Development of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Medications: Current State of the Art and Opportunities to Advance the Science.

Featured Topics Include:

• Type 2 Diabetes: Clinical implications, CV manifestations, and epidemiology

• Therapies and targets for treatment of Diabetes Mellitus – potential implications on CV safety

• Glycemic control – evidence for positive and negative impacts on CV and renal outcomes in Type 2 DM

• New trial design approaches to assessing CV Safety

• The clinical evidence that T2DM diabetic drugs can increase CV risk and potential mechanisms

• Diabetic drug development and CV safety

• Approaches to Clinical Analysis of CV Risk

• Novel Clinical Trial Approaches

• Future Approaches to Assessing T2DM Drug Development and CV Safety

• QT experience as a model for furthering collaborative approaches/research in CV-Safety assessment of T2DM agents

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