1/12-13/2010 CBI’s 4th Annual Cardiac Safety Assessment Summit

The Latest Approaches in the Evaluation of Drugs that Affect Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, QT Prolongation and Other CV Safety Related Issues.

Conference Co-chairs: Dr. Daniel Bloomfield (CSRC Executive Committee) and Dr. Lawrence Satin (CSRC Membership Committee)

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  • Review the various benefits available by analyzing continuous electrocardiographic recordings in early exploratory development
  • Prevent catastrophic late stage failures, reduce the total cost of cardiac safety assessment programs and avoid TQT studies in the late stages of development
  • Gain a regulatory perspective on cardiac safety assessments for

oncology therapies

  • Hear about the new FDA guidance in evaluating cardiovascular risk in new anti-diabetic therapies
  • Explore how to analyze and interpret data from cardiovascular safety studies using more standardized and consistent methods
  • Examine drugs that affect heart rate and explore strategies involved in evaluating their overall cardiac safety liability
  • Review the diverse therapeutic approaches for treating patients with atrial fibrillation
  • Learn how S-troponins can be used as a screening tool in early clinical development

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