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CSRC projects cover a broad range of topics and are created based on your cardiac safety interests. Please contact us if you would like to join and/or organize a research team, assist with an ongoing project or study, or have a topic you want to explore further. In the event you would like to submit a project idea, please click the link below.

Project Submission Form

OnGoing Projects

Restricted Mean Survival Time (RMST) statistical analysis approach for analyzing Cardiovascular Outcomes Trials

To evaluate the utility of the RMST method (vs traditional HR) in diabetes CVOTs as RMST considers both events and exposure

Arrhythmia Normal Limits Combined Holter/12 Lead ECG Analysis

To determine the incidence and variability of various arrhythmias during continuous ECG recordings in healthy adult clinical research volunteers

Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young: National Cardiac Screening Warehouse Pilot Study

To develop and implement uniform collection of a core screening dataset

To demonstrate feasibility of data collection comparing paper and electronic methods and feasibility of long term outcome collection

CSRC/DIA Collaboration: Real World Evidence & CV Safety Educational Curriculum

To education physicians with regards to key design elements and critical interpretation of real world evidence studies


Completed Projects

  • CSRC IQ – CSRC Waveform data share program
  • Sensitivity and Specificity of New Cardio Cardiac Safety Tools for Identifying Effect of Moxi in Healthy Individuals and their comparison with previously published data. Leaders: Sam George, MD; Cindy Green, PhD; Paul Kligfield, MD, FACC
  • Proof of Concept Project: QT Analysis of ECG Warehouse Data. Leaders: Cindy Green, PhD; Paul Kligfield, MD, FACC
  • Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy (DAPT) Study
  • Trans-radial Arteriotomy for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Rheologic Drug Safety (Completed) and Trial "Study of Access site For Enhancing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Women" (SAFE-PCI for Women)
  • A-fib Ablation Registry - SAFARI (Transferred to ACC)
  • Diabetes Warehouse: Borje Darpo, MD; Ignacio Rodriguez, MD
  • Cardiovascular Case Report Forms for use in non-cardiovascular clinical trials. Leaders: Mary Beth Sabol, MD; John Finkle, MD