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Executive Committee Scientific Oversight Committee Membership Committee Public & Educational Programs Committee ECG Database Committee Partnership Liaison Committee White Papers & Publications Committee


Committee Tasks and Responsibilities:

Executive Committee:

  • Ensure that all activities are commensurate with the CSRC mission through oversight of all committee activities
  • Ensure development of operational infrastructure in order to orchestrate and facilitate CSRC activities and committees
  • Form ad hoc advisory groups or committees as needed

Scientific Oversight Committee (SOC):

  • Solicit and review scientific project proposals.
  • Recommend project proposals to the Executive Committee for final approval.
  • Form and support Project Teams specific to implementation of approved projects
  • Provide ongoing oversight and facilitation of Project Team activities, timelines and deliverables
  • Support and facilitate leadership and activities of the White Paper and Publications committee

Membership Committee:

  • Develop and maintain CSRC informational materials for potential new members
  • Solicit, and provide support and outreach for potential members
  • Evaluate applications for CSRC membership and present proposals to the Executive Committee
  • Determine level of membership (Sustaining/Principal/Associate)
  • Provide information on and facilitate new members opportunities within the CSRC
  • Periodic review of membership composition and participation

Public & Educational Programs Committee:

  • Identify and prioritize topical themes for think-tank/incubator meetings and Annual Meeting
  • Ensure the Annual CSRC meeting
  • Develop meeting planning teams for each specific meeting
  • Provide oversight and facilitate the activities of each specific Meeting Planning Team
  • Define the composition of each specific Meeting Planning Teams

ECG Database Committee:

  • Identify and prioritize potential research projects and uses for the CSRC ECG Warehouse data
  • Identify and solicit potential data that could be added to the CSRC ECG Warehouse
  • Ensure fair access to the CSRC ECG Warehouse data, including methods for obtaining data
  • Ensure statistical analysis requests can be fulfilled based on staff and budget
  • Recommend project proposals to the SOC/Executive Committee for final approval
  • Provide ongoing oversight and facilitation of research projects, including timelines and deliverables

Partnership Liaison Committee:

  • Focus on interactions with external organizations and identify a “single point of contact” liaison within each organization
  • Encourage participation by organizations in CSRC sponsored activities including our Annual Meeting, and discuss
    if/when/how CSCR can participate in organizations’ Annual Meetings

White Paper & Publications Committee:

  • Develop and support writing and reviewer groups, which will draft white papers in challenging areas describing
    what is known, unknown, and proposing paths forward to address such knowledge gaps

Research Teams:

  • SOC-approved research project conduct & reporting