Scientific Programs Committee

Jonathan Seltzer, MD, MBA, MA

CSRC Executive Director

Corina Dota, MD
Director, Cardiovascular Safety Centre of Excellence

Mary Jane Geiger, MD, PhD
Vice President and Therapeutic Area Lead, Cardiovascular
Drug Development Services Clinical Research Service

Gretchen Kimmick, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Medicine, Oncology
Duke Cancer Institute

Robert B. Kleiman, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Global Cardiology

Joerg Koglin, MD, PhD
Associate Vice President
Section Head, Cardiovascular Clinical Research
Merck Research Laboratories

Kenneth Mahaffey, MD
Professor of Medicine
Vice Chair of Clinical Research, Department of Medicine
Director, Stanford Center for Clinical Research
Stanford University School of Medicine

Boaz Medzelevski, MD
Cardiac Safety Consultants Ltd.

Gail Moreschi, MD, MPH
Medical Officer
Food and Drug Administration

Valarie Morrow, MD
Project Manager
Duke Clinical Research Institute

Dakshesh Patel, PhD
Orise Fellow, CDRH/OSEL/DBP
Food and Drug Administration

Philip Sager, MD
Adjunct Professor of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

Sheri Targum, MD, MPH
Clinical Team Leader CDER
Food and Drug Administration

Balchum Yang, MD, PhD, DABT
Pharmacology/Toxicology Reviewer
Food and Drug Administration