CSRC 2012 Accomplishments

  • 2012 Accomplishments
      • 6 White Papers Published
      • Presented at AHA on CardiOncology: Co-Sponsored Session with International CardiOncology Society
      • Represented at DIA Japan which resulted in PMDA joining CSRC
      • Co-Sponsored 4 meetings with Center for Business Intelligence (CBI), Drug Information Association (DIA) and American College of Toxicology
      • Launched 3 Thinktank Meetings on QT Assessment, Blood Pressure and Tranradial Approach for PCI and Bleeding
      • Conducted Open Forum Meeting on Cardiac Imaging and Cardiotoxicity in conjunction with the FDA
      • Face to Face Meeting to launch Diabetes Warehouse Project
      • Initiation of the Case Report Forms for Non-Cardiovascular Studies Project.