2016 Meetings

2016 Meetings Slides and Agendas
Topic Date Title Slides and Agendas
Sudden Cardiac Death February 18, 2016 The 2nd Annual Think Tank on Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in the Young: Developing A Rational, Reliable and Sustainable National Health Care Resource Slides & Agenda
Endpoint Adjudication March 11, 2016 CSRC and MDEpiNet Thinktank Meeting: “The Role of Endpoint Adjudication in Medical Device Clinical Trials” Slides & Agenda
Proarrhythmia April 6, 2016 CSRC/FDA Workshop: The Proarrhythmic Assessment of New Chemical Entities Slides & Agenda
Social Listening June 3, 2016 CSRC/DIA Think Tank: Enabling Social Listening for Cardiac Safety Slides & Agenda
Annual Meeting October 18, 2016 CSRC 10th Annual Meeting Slides & Agenda
Efficiencies in Phase 3 Development October 19, 2016 CSRC Think Tank: Real World Data to Assess Cardiovascular Safety- Can We Improve Efficiencies in Phase 3 Development? Slides & Agenda

Think Tank Synopsis

Drug-induced Arrhythmia and CiPA December 6, 2016 Critical Discussion- Future of the Assessment of Drug-Induced Arrhythmias and the Comprehensive in Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA)  Slides & Agenda
QTc ER Modeling and VT/VF December 7, 2016 Part A: QTc Exposure-Response Modeling Workshop: What is Required?

Part B: Endpoints When Treating VT/VF in Patients with ICDs

 Slides & Agenda