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2013 Meetings Slides and Agendas
Topic Date Title Slides and Agendas
Annual Meeting  December 12-13, 2013  2013 Cardiac Safety Research ConsortiumICOS Annual Conference Meeting Slides & Agenda Day 1

Slides & Agenda Day 2

Clinical Trial Improvements  November 6, 2013 CSRC CEC Adjudication Think Tank Slides & Agenda

Think Tank Synopsis

Arrhythmia Risk Assessment  July 29, 2013 CSRC/HESI Think Tank: Rechanneling the Current Cardiac Risk Paradigm: Arrhythmia Risk Assessment During Drug Development without the Thorough QT Study & CSRC TREAT IV Meeting Slides & Agenda

Think Tank Synopsis

White paper: Rechanneling the cardiac proarrhythmia safety paradigm

TREAT IV  July 23, 2013 Transradial Education and Therapeutics TREAT (IV) 4th Think Tank on Novel Research Infrastructure to Study Access Site and Bleeding Safety of Anti-Thrombotic Drug Slides & Agenda
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