How to Join

Membership Charter

Application for Membership

There are several membership opportunities within the CSRC: 1) full/founding members and 2) associate members. The Membership Committee will determine whether the member (individual, company, or organization) meets the criteria for full membership.

Full membership in the consortium for for-profit organizations requires a monetary contribution as follows:


(No longer available)




Large Companies

Market capitalization > $3 Billion

Or yearly Gross Sales > $1 Billion


$25,000/year with a 3 year commitment



Medium Companies

Market capitalization of $250 Million – $3 Billion

Or yearly Gross Sales of $50 Million to $1 Billion


$10,000/year with a 3 year commitment



Small Companies

Market capitalization < $250 Million

Or yearly revenue < $50 Million


$4,000/year with a 3 year commitment



Start-up Companies market capitalization of $0 AND yearly gross sales of $0





**Sustaining Members can pay fees yearly.

Full members will also agree to participate in consortium activities and provide some type of contribution in-kind (e.g., technology, data, or expertise). Full membership allows individuals or representative(s) from companies/organizations to become eligible for positions on the various CSRC committees, participate in CSRC meetings, and participate on research teams.

For organizations or individuals that cannot contribute the full financial amount as outlined in the guidelines above (including for-profit and not-for-profit entities, academics, and professional societies), associate membership may be offered by the consortium. Associate membership allows participation in the larger CSRC forums (i.e., annual meetings) but does not allow members to sit on CSRC committees. Additionally, an associate member is not eligible to lead a research proposal or publication effort but could do so in association with a full member of the CSRC. The Membership Committee will re-evaluate the status of all members on an annual basis.

We are very interested in finding a way for anyone interested to get involved in the work of the consortium.  If you are interested in the work of the consortium and have any questions about how you can get involved, please contact us at