Executive Committee

Mitchell Krucoff, MD
Professor of Medicine
Duke University School of Medicine
Director, Cardiovascular Devices Unit
Director, eECG Core Laboratory
Duke Clinical Research Institute

John K. Finkle, MD
Vice President
Global Head, Safety Evaluation & Risk Management
Developmental Products
RD Chief Medical Office

Norman Stockbridge, MD, PhD
Division of CV and Renal Products
Food and Drug Administration

David Strauss, MD, PhD
Medical Officer
Food and Drug Administration

Philip Sager, MD
Pharmaceutical/Device Consultant
Biotechnology Executive
Consulting Professor
CV Safety Expert

Cindy Green, PhD
Assistant Professor
Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Duke University School of Medicine

Ignacio Rodriguez, MD
Director, Safety Risk Management

Colette Strnadova, PhD
Senior Scientific Advisor, Therapeutic
Products Directorate
Health Canada

Justin L Mortara, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Mortara Instrument, Inc.

Theressa Wright, MD 
Senior Medical Fellow, Consultant – Cardiology & Early Phase Medicine
Eli Lilly and Company

Rick Turner, PhD, DSc
Senior Scientific Director, Clinical Communications, Chief Scientific Advisor, Cardiac Safety Services

Mary Jane Geiger, MD, PhD
Senior Director
Cardiovascular & Metabolism Therapeutics
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Gary Gintant, PhD
Research Fellow
Co- Chairperson, AbbVie
Integrative Pharm., Integrated Science and Technology

Kaori Shinagawa, MD, PhD
Senior Scientist (Clinical Medicine)
Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency

Peter R. Kowey, MD
Professor of Medical and Clinical Pharmacology
Jefferson Medical College
The Williams Wikoff Smith Chair in Cardiac Research
Lankenau Hospital and Medical Research Center

Thomas Todaro, MD, JD
Vice President
Cardiovascular Clinical Decelopment and Medical Affairs

Valarie Morrow, MD
Project Manager
Duke Clinical Research Institute